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. but they say that is not discouraging them. derek ward has more. >> reporter: they've been at it for two weeks on wall street. demonstrators railing against what is too big of government. the movement moved to washington. the protest here in d.c., lots of drumming. that's not a protest. this is. they say they are the core of the movement spread into the nation's capital. the and earlier today you could find tour groups that outnumbered occupy d.c., but they still had enough for what they call a general assembly, both here and new york. >> we're united around the sense that the country's gone in a bad direction with allowing corporate interests to govern where the people should be governing. >> reporter: they have all the trappings of the larger occupying gathering, camping gear, even a medical team. although they're not as loud as a woman's percussion band across the park, they say they're just as passionate for their reasons of being there. >> i have issues with the government manipulates the money in this country. and i think a lot of it has us upset. >> people who come together respecting e
, an unusual sight for october that caught some people offguard. derek ward spent the day in lose burg. one of the first spots to start seeing the snowfall. >> reporter: at this facility, trucks got their loads and the chilly rainy skies and road surfaces that were just wet. more than 200 trucks were out on virginia roadways, a few minutes drive southwest and efforts were appreciated it looked more like november than the end of october. >> i think it shouldn't be snowing on halloween. >> reporter: we're still technically in hurricane season. for most, this kind of weather is unexpected and unwelcomed. >> i think it's crazy. snowing in october, we're just not prepared. we're wearing t-shirts with hats. >> as long as it doesn't freeze and turn to ice, we might be all right. >> i'm not ready for this at all. >> i don't like wearing coats until it's really cold, but for now, i'm just in and out. i'm not going to hang out in this, i'm going to go home and clean my house. >> what did get them out? a place you can't help but think warmer thoughts. this was not the fun go out and play kind of snow.
apart. derek ward has our top story. >> reporter: freedom plaza was indeed all about the freedoms americans enjoy. of speech, assembly, and expression. and for hundreds, freedom from what they see as an enduring tyranny. >> i don't know about you, but i'm sick of taxation without representation. >> reporter: this rally shared the plaza with occupy d.c. protesters and anti-war demonstrators to stop the machine movement. at the height of things, only a few yards separated them, and on both sides there is a sense they are even closer in ideology. >> they're also fighting for justice in america. >> i met someone from dallas, texas, this morning who said he had come out and just learned about washington's homeless for the first time. >> similar. you have people that's mad, upset. they want to see a change. they want the government to represent them. >> reporter: occupy d.c. started their march on banks and lenders early in the morning. advocates were not far behind them. all that marching, it's easy to drar parallels to the '60 rls. maybe too easy says a noted veteran of those movement
ward is live in northeast where it is all going down. derek in the middle of it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, how are you? indeed we are here on freedom plaza were the sun has come up on the group occupy d.c. third day down here in freedom plaza. if you look behind me just beyond the plaza is a corporate symbol. the kind of things that folks might sa say holds too much sway on american politics. on one side of the fence they'll be offering a taste of d.c.'s restaurant fare. on the other side they're hungry for what they see as true representative democracy. physically traversing the fence is a challenge. you've got to go to either end of the plaza. but the message is as free as the air. people here on the plaza think that maybe today they'll have a chance to get their message out to a broader audience. >> i think in general you're going to start seeing more people on saturday. you're going to start seeing people who generally work in d.c. on the workdays. maybe a few tourists. we would like to see a few congressional staffers and some congressmen down here i
the region crews are ready to make sure the roads are clear. derek ward is live in alexandria at one facility where snowplow crews are gearing up for the winter storm. derek, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they've geared up and gotten out of here. you can see the salt dome behind me. we're at the facility at van dorn street just off of 395. as you can see back there, there's not a lot of activity now, that doesn't mean that was a case earlier this morning. take a look at some of the video we shot when we first got here. there were some larger trucks out. those are the interstate vehicles. crews started coming on about midnight last night. before that they did some pretreating. that was in the western part of loudon county where there is less rain. it's less effective to pretreat when it's raining it will simply be washed away. but crews have left here now. they're going to be standing by on the interstates and heading out in the western area where they may need it a bit more. there's going to be about 230 trucks out through this incident and they're going to make sure that the roads
. derek ward is live at the event which starts in just under an hour from now. >> reporter: indeed it does. we're here at the bore ra park activity center. the activity is about helping homeowners save their homes. it can be a stressful time for homeowners when you're facing for closures. the last thing you need is to fall victims to scams. the last thing you need is to run around to get all the services you need. the department of housing will hold a day long event aimed at marshalling those services to save your home, credit services, legal counselling and more allon a one-on-one basis and free. joining me now is richard nelson director of housing and community affairs ff montgomery county. thanks for joining us today. >> in montgomery county we've seen about 25,000 families faced with potential foreclosure. and we've been trying to help them partnering with the state to provide free counselling service. we fund four counselling agencies one in rockville, one in germantown, one in gaithersburg and one in wheaton to provide the counselling help to get loan modifications. the other thing w
in that psych ward. derek and anita. >> wow. thank you, gary. >> clearly not a good solution. >>> the occupy dc protest is now four weeks strong. and there are no signs of protestors backing down. that involves concern among some people who live and work near the square who say noise has become a pretty big problem. >> you can understand that. of course now they have reached out to 9news now and our brittany morehouse is live to explain just how she may have brokered a possible solution to all of this. brittany. >> reporter: keep our fingers crossed. a solution that starts with one simple e-mail from a law student at george washington university. she lives right there across the street from the protest where i'm standing. and she has one simple request. a little quieter, please, after hours. >> when they first got here, you couldn't see any of the tents. >> reporter: from her window, she can see every movement. she can hear every shout. coming from the occupy dc protest. >> a lot of the time during the day with the honking and the cheering and then the jostling of people set off a lot of car al
the country, the 2011 home coming parade. here's derrick ward joining us live from the route with more. derek, good morning. >> as you can see behind me, georgia avenue in front of howard university is all festooned with balloons and flags. that means only one thing this time of year here. this is time for howard's homecoming. the theme this year is prestige, the epitome of distinction, something embodied by this university, its staff and alumni. lots of folks are already lining up early to get those prime viewing spots here. we caught up with a family who was out here, i would say they were the first folks out here. displaying their bison spirit. >> i'm a howard alumni. i'm an ex-football player on the '96 championship team. we love to come back to support the new team. >> sir for you, you're alumni as well? >> i'm not. i'm the parent of two alumni, a daughter and son. >> so you play an important role in howard obviously. >> since 1989 continually, someone from my family's surname has been a student here consecutively since 1989. >> excellent. and this is just an important thing for the city
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)